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Nothing Different

Postby Kind of Frustrated » February 19th, 2016, 9:55 am

This post is not to be controversial. However it is my observations. When we all decided to go with the Teamsters, it was because everything sounded good. They presented us with a good articulation of why we should join the organization. They brought up Officers from Florida where they went from a 30 year retirement to 25 years. Then a few years later, they were successful in obtaining a 20 year retirement.
The Teamsters stated we will only pay $24 a month until the state AND city pass collective bargaining. Then it will be a % of our pay.
We were also told we needed to vote for Obama for President because that would guarantee collective bargaining in North Carolina ( a right to work state).
As years passed, we have seen board members step down because they knew it was in their best interest to get promoted. I can't say I don't blame them. (You can argue this point to where new blood needs to be brought in, but it is what it is).
Now we are voting again for Teamster elections. If WE don't get the right people in, we will not have a strong voice. I can understand this. The former RPD officer in the election has done a great job.

Some questions to pose:
Are we not fighting for the right things? -
-schedule: the Field Ops schedule is out of date. Cary PD has a decent schedule. Permanent shifts, overtime pay, 4 day work week,etc... The City has their own 25 year retirement for the Officers ( I used Cary just for comparison purposes only)
We should be presenting schedules that work! Arguing that the current schedule
- Pay: This will always be an argument that never gets old. How about presenting a pay raise that will bump pay every year for the next 5 years (a reasonable % each year and make sure the medical insurance increases do not surpass the raises).

This is just a few observations and questions I have. I have more, but this is a good start.

I know the one argument that will be brought up is: Do I attend the meetings? My answer is no I do not. I can give many reasons/ excuses why I don't but I will not do that. My counter argument would be: 'I pay my dues, I vote for my voice to be heard (election), and we have our 'Police Board' (President, VP, etc...) to help us with my views. (I am sure this will be addresses in one of the responses to follow by certain members).

Again, I am not trying to create controversy here. I am just addressing SOME observations and some questions.

Have a good day and Be Safe!
Kind of Frustrated

Re: Nothing Different

Postby Guest » February 19th, 2016, 10:47 am

Nope. I agree. Completely. The board already knows what we want as officers. But here are some ideas for the union. Post the agendas and minutes of the meetings. Discuss on this website what's actively being done to pursue our goals. Give better notices about meetings. Update this website. I think most officers don't go to the meetings because we don't believe anything is being accomplished,regardless. The most bravery anyone has had in this city was the plumber who emailed the city manager and courtesy copied the city manager.

Re: Nothing Different

Postby Guest » February 19th, 2016, 10:56 am

Nothing we can do in this state. Government has complete control over local employees and will always keep their pockets in first interest.

Re: Nothing Different

Postby Kind of Frustrated » February 22nd, 2016, 12:24 am

Again, not to create controversy,but we have been with our parent organization for some years now. I understand why we left the other 'parent' organization and went with the current one. However, nothing has really changed from then (old parent organization) to the new one, except our dues (went up from $20 a month to $24 a month). Needless to say, in MY opinion, the current organization recruited law enforcement to 'expand' in a few ways. More members and more money. Again, this is my observation. I am not saying there is anything wrong with the current parent organization but when are we going to start moving forward and start bringing the real issues (along with some solutions) to the forefront. This organization has it in them to do that. Let's start utilizing them to our benefit.
You do not see the current organization with any Law Enforcement agency in the Northern states. That is because the PBA and FOP are a stronghold. I believe our current organization is a stronghold as well, but it has not benefitted us in any way.
I know I am going to ignite some critics, but I am a dues paying member and I am expressing my observations. In no way am I trying to start any infighting. I just wanted to express my observations and opinions.

Thanks and be safe!
Kind of Frustrated

Re: Nothing Different

Postby Guest » February 22nd, 2016, 11:42 am

I feel like our union is not really police based. They represent everyone and just don't tailor to us.

Re: Nothing Different

Postby Guest » February 22nd, 2016, 4:54 pm

This state was blue for 100 years. A 25 year retirement and collective bargaining still could not get passed. If you want to police under real union policies and states friendly to labor....pack your bags.

Re: Nothing Different

Postby Nothing Different » May 19th, 2016, 9:11 am

Here we go again. Let us see what kind of backing our parent organization does for us here with the City. It is the same ole song and dance. They have enough power and influence to make a difference...but will they? The answer is what everyone know already...NO. Everyone knows our organization is nothing because we are a right to work state. Nothing will change. This parent organization wants our money and takes our money...they need to step up. Now is the time.
Nothing Different

Re: Nothing Different

Postby Guest » May 20th, 2016, 9:36 am

Don't worry. I'm sure our "really squared away" police chief will go in front of the city council to tell them how underpaid, short-staffed, and (yet) most professional police department on the face of God's green earth we are at RPD. I mean, we get an email about every other month telling us how everyone just can't help but falling all over themselves to tell her how great we are. So surely she is writing her speech right now to reflect these feelings to the council. I'm sure this backing the chief will give us during her speech will rival the passion and emotion of Jim Valvano's "Don't Ever Give Up" speech.

Or she'll just sit back, count all the money in her bank account, and let us get over it because it doesn't matter to her. In coming Memorial Day email to your inboxes in only 10 days!!!!

Re: Nothing Different

Postby Amazzed » June 14th, 2016, 2:26 pm

Not even an email from her on a holiday! What's the deal? The silence from the 3rd floor tells me all I need to know about how they feel.

Re: Nothing Different

Postby guest » June 14th, 2016, 7:26 pm

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Town of Knightdale! We accept applications for current openings only and look forward to hearing from you.

Applications are required for all employment openings. Download an application here, request one by email or call us at (919) 217-2221.

You are welcome to submit your application by e-mail, fax, mail, or hand delivery.

The Town of Knightdale is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Enough said!!!!!!!!


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